Sound of Music celebrated at Sedona Film Festival

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Ilchi Lee believes that Sedona, Arizona, is a rich source of inspiration. It is a land of Native American heritage and Lee has suggested that it can be an ideal place to discover a new Tao.

The Sedona Film Festival, which is taking place on Tuesday, April 26, is now offering its own motivation to festival-goers by having them meet the choreographer of the historic and acclaimed film, The Sound of Music.

Dee Dee Wood will be hosting the event, and visitors will also have the chance to meet her and watch the movie in theaters.

“You’ve never experienced it like this before!” festival director Patrick Schweiss told Gateway to Sedona. “This is your chance to experience the classic on the big screen – in vivid color.”

This is sure to be an experience that will evoke the sentiment of the musical itself – that hope springs eternal even in the darkest times – and one must persist in order to become enlightened.

At its inception, the theme resonated with movie-goers and critics alike. The Sound of Music won five 1965 Academy Awards , including Best Picture, and was nominated for five others.

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