Festival celebrates Native American culture in Arizona

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Ilchi Lee believes that Sedona, Arizonia, is a place where people can learn about themselves by not just experiencing the breathtaking vistas there, but also by learning about Native American beliefs and culture.

The Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff will be showing off some of the beautiful artwork of the A:wishi tribe later this month, and visitors will have the chance to learn about the culture and philosophy of the native people.

“Each year this festival provides a forum for people of all backgrounds to learn, and perhaps take home, a piece of Zuni art and an enhanced understanding of their own world, as it has been shaped by the Zuni people,” director of A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center Jim Enote told GatewayToSedona.com.

There will be a host of events that will help people learn more about this unique culture. The festival will begin with a ceremony conducted by the Zuni Pueblo Band. Native artists have painted a variety of maps that show important locations in Zuni culture.

The theme of the festival this year is the Zuni migration, which took the Zuni people from their original home in the Grand Canyon to Zuni Pueblo.

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